Asset Vue Real Time Rack

Asset Vue Real Time Rack

 Asset Vue Real Time Rack is an RFID-based IT Asset Management solution that is compatible with existing data center racks from all manufacturers and provides an always-on, real-time solution for monitoring your data center IT asset audits. Asset Vue Real Time Rack delivers an industry-first: Real Time Asset Management using Passive RFID.

The new Asset Vue Real Time Rack solution can be quickly and easily installed into existing racks where it creates an active RFID field to detect inexpensive passive RFID tags that have been applied to data center assets. As these data center assets – servers, switches, storage – are placed into and removed from your data center racks, the solution records and reports on the assets. No more hunting for misplaced data center equipment!

The Asset Vue IT Asset Management (ITAM) solution includes all the hardware and software required to monitor the assets within your data centers, network closets and throughout your portfolio whether it is in-house or colocation.

Contact the PTS sales team for more information on the benefits of Asset Vue products for your industry.

Asset Vue Bluetooth

Asset Vue Bluetooth

Track your Assets Anywhere With
Asset Vue Barcode RFID Bluetooth

Asset Vue now offers a variety of solutions including Barcode, RFID and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) which provides customers with options for managing their assets. All of these options can be used either independently or together to provide a viable solution.

PTS offers a full suite of services and turnkey solutions, for the following industries:

  • Data Centersbtn_contact
  • Warehouse
  • Rental industry
  • Financial
  • Healthcare
  • Construction

PTS is experienced in all aspects of asset management, and solutions start with a review of your objectives. PTS works closely with our partners to ensure your success. These solutions are flexible and can be customized for all types of applications.

Contact the PTS sales team for more information on the benefits of Asset Vue products for your industry.

Asset Vue Hardware

Asset Vue Hardware

Asset-Vue-cart-fullAsset Vue Cart Overview

The Element ID MAS2 is a mobile RFID solution for inventory management. It offers the mobility of a handheld reader with the power, range, and coverage of a fixed portal. The MAS2 includes the RFID reader, antennas, and power source on a durable, attractive cart. When paired with either third party asset tracking software or with optional Element ID Asset Auditing Software, the MAS2 becomes a complete inventory solution.

Asset-Vue-industrial_portals1-fullAsset Vue Portal Overview

Asset Vue features a number of portal options, from the clandestine decorative portal, to hardened industrial options and custom designs for unique environments. As there are many factors that affect performance and aesthetics, we recommend a consultation before any portal purchasing decisions are made.

Asset Vue Handheld Reader Overview

The Asset Vue Suite works will work with any LLRP compatible fixed or handheld Asset-Vue-data-gun-fullreader, but extensive work with partners at both Motorola and Element ID provide best-in-class integration on all projects.

Asset Vue Tag Overview


One of the great things about passive RFID is that the technology is non-proprietary, but that does not mean that all tags are created equal. Asset Vue works with some of the best tag manufacturers in the industry, including close partners at Vizinex RFID, to provide the perfect tag for each situation. They also have a labeling methodology that assures that the tags and labels will both meet your technical needs, and also work with your company’s chosen workflow for optimal efficiency.

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