Asset Vue Tracker

Asset Vue Tracker

Asset-Vue-Tracker-All-Alerts-fullAsset Vue Tracker 2.1 is the perfect solution for keeping your assets right where they belong, keeping track of all the Moves & Adds, and is a terrific complement to a ITAM tool, like Asset Vue Inventory or DCIM applications.

The cost of missing equipment and data…

  • A data tape can easily contain 5 million customer records per tape
  • A recent survey of 301 IT decision maker’s states that 42% state it could take a day or longer to find a server that had gone down
  • The cost to a corporation for just the remediation effort on a lost customer record falls between $72 and $193 per record

Know instantly when an asset leaves the data center, enters the storeroom, transfers over to development, and more…


Completely web-based interface for fast deployment and easy management Trigger/silence any external device (such as a stack light, siren or camera)
Ability to send alerts to SNMP manager and create SNMP triggers Real-time asset tracking in and out of your space
E-mail alerts to any user or distribution list Works with nearly Any IT Asset: server, switch, backup tape, laptop, etc.

Asset Vue Inventory

Asset Vue Inventory

Asset-Vue-Inventory-audit_report1-fullThe IT Asset Management (ITAM) Solution includes all the hardware and software required to monitor your assets not only within the data center but throughout your facilities. The Asset Vue Inventory 2.0 solution includes both fixed and handheld data capture with read ranges from inches to feet to make locating assets fast and accurate.

The newest suite of Asset Vue solutions is a completely web-based architecture which allows for even faster deployment, extensibility to environments of any size, and offers the opportunity for a cloud based solution. The application is based on a parent child relationship with graphical representations of your assets in both top down and elevation formats.

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