MTU Onsite Energy Diesel Generators


MTU-Onsite-Energy-Data-Center-Diesel-GeneratorsMTU engines are the basis for reliable and economical MTU Onsite Energy diesel power generation solutions over 230 kW. MTU Series 1600, Series 2000 and Series 4000 engines offer low fuel consumption and long service intervals, all while meeting emission standards. These engines offer higher displacement than competitors’ engines in the same power range, which results in lower brake mean effective pressure (BMEP), less wear and increased reliability.

For optimum performance, MTU engines are engineered for outstanding one-step load acceptance capacities. This means the unit can quickly supply the required power and, as a result, can be used for even the most demanding applications. A maintenance friendly engine design minimizes downtime and guarantees maximum availability. MTU engines offer low fuel consumption and low maintenance costs. This contributes to the overall low lifecycle cost of the generator set, making MTU Onsite Energy a smart financial choice.

MTU Diesel Generator Set Features:

  • Standby Power Ratings from 30 kVA to 715 kVA ranges at 50 Hz – North and Latin America
  • Designed and manufactured in facilities certified to standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004
  • Verified product design, quality and performance integrity
  • Industry leading average load factor
  • Cutting-edge emissions control
  • Outstanding fuel economy
  • Best-in-class reliability and availability
  • Optimized maintenance intervals
  • Advanced monitoring & communications
  • Compliant with industry codes & standards


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Generac Industrial Diesel Generators


Generac-logoFor industry, power failure is not an option. The first 2009 EPA certified units in the industry, Generac industrial diesel gensets are custom configured to meet the specific requirements of each application. Heavy duty engines have proven their performance and reliability in industrial applications.

What size gensets are available and what are my fuel options?

Generac-industrial-diesel-generatorsDiesel models range from 10 kW to 600 kW. Gaseous models range from 18 kW to 300 kW. A Bi-Fuel option is available on selected models.

Can Generac gensets be integrated with my building management system?

The PowerManager® G-100 features integrated PLC functions and numerous I/Os that make it easy to customize controls and link directly with facilities management systems. Two Modbus RS 485 ports accommodate controller-to-annunciator or building management system communications.

Can I monitor the system’s performance from a remote location?

An optional Ethernet modem with an RS232 port provides remote computer interface using our GenLink® software. Connected PCs display continuously updated information about the generator’s operating condition. Input values and operational parameters can be easily viewed using point-and-click menus and status screens. Valuable information such as generator usage data, alarm history and predictive maintenance reminders are easily accessible.

If an alarm occurs, it is immediately displayed on connected remote computers, and the PowerManager control panel can be programmed to immediately send out a call to both the user’s and your Generac dealer’s pagers or cell phones. The dealer can use GenLink to remotely diagnose the problem, modify parameters to minimize the impact and immediately dispatch a service truck with the necessary parts to quickly correct the situation.

How many automatic transfer switches can be used in a single system?

There is no limit on the number of open transition, closed transition or bypass isolation switches that can be used within a system. Only one soft load switch can be used.

Can the PowerManager G-100 controller interface with third party transfer switches?

Yes, provided that the switches have a two-wire start, and can be inhibited by the controller from switching to the emergency position until adequate generator power has come onto the generator bus.

If I purchase a single standby generator, can I add units later and convert to a Modular Power System?

No. The G-100 controller will not interface with the control system for a Modular Power System. If you think you might need to expand capacity in the future, you should purchase a single MPS genset with the PowerManager G-200 controller.

Features & Benefits


Component Manufacturing

Major components are designed and manufactured by Generac in a vertically integrated environment, ensuring the highest reliability standards.


Easily serviced by any qualified diesel technician.

Dealer Network

National industrial dealer network of factory-certified technicians with expertise in everything from system design to diagnostics and repairs.

Response & Support

24/7 emergency response, warranty service and scheduled preventive maintenance programs.

Replacement Parts

Readily available replacement parts and maintenance items.

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Caterpillar Industrial Diesel Generators


Caterpillar is the world’s largest manufacturer of high-speed diesel generator sets and engines, offering the largest range of specifications available.

Caterpillar-Industrial-Diesel-GeneratorsCat® Diesel Generator Set Features:

  • Ratings from 13kW to 17,460kW
  • Powered by Cat® engines
  • Wide range of factory-designed options
  • Easy to specify, permit, install and test
  • World-class fuel efficiency and low life-cycle costs
  • Excellent transient response and steady state performance
  • Emissions compliance with most worldwide regulations
  • Single source and turnkey support from the Cat® Dealer network


Features & Benefits

Reliable Engine Electronics
  • The electronics used in Cat® Tier 4 Interim engines are more powerful and robust than ever.
  • Increased feature and connection commonality improve the customer experience and increase quality and reliability.
  • Sealed-over-foam wiring harness adds to reliability –even in the most demanding applications.
Next Generation Fuel System As a key component of Cat Tier 4 Interim technology, injection timing precisely controls the fuel injection process through a series of carefully timed microbursts. This injection timing provides more control of combustion for the most efficient fuel burn. To maximize customer value, Cat engineers specified fuel systems based on the power and performance demands for each engine.
Innovative Air Management Cat Tier 4 Interim air management is accomplished through simplified turbocharging solutions. A range of turbocharging solutions, including smart waste-gate and series units, optimizes performance for each model of generator set.
NOx Reduction Systems
  • Utilized on engines < 900 bkW, the Cat NRS is a compact “on-engine” system is designed to reduce NOx by up to 50% while minimizing overall installation size.
  • The Cat NRS captures and cools a small quantity of exhaust gas and sends it back into the combustion chamber where it drives down combustion temperatures and reduces NOx emissions.
  • The result of more than a decade of Caterpillar engineering research into this technology, the Cat NRS is designed to be the most reliable system of its type.
Clean Emissions Module – Particulate Reduction
  • Designed to withstand the most severe applications and conditions, the CEM is a modular after-treatment concept that allows a common core design to be utilized in a wide variety of Cat equipment.
  • Cat generator set customers thus benefit from a cost-optimized, tailored solution that is fully mounted and integrated into the generator set.
  • Depending on the engine model, the CEM may include a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and a diesel particulate filter (DPF) in a stainless steel canister, the regeneration system, mounting and support structure, air cleaner, muffler, sensors and other related components.
Regeneration System
  • This active, high-temperature regeneration system is incorporated in the CEM design for engines rated 130-560 bkW.
  • As soot builds up in the DPF, a combination of models and sensors indicate when regeneration is needed. The electronic control unit (ECU) then searches for the optimum time to initiate the CRS event, such as periods of steady load or speed–providing a flexible and transparent solution in all operating conditions.
  • The CRS safely elevates exhaust gas temperatures to promote oxidation and burn off soot in the DPF. It allows fast and accurate control of regeneration independent of engine exhaust temperatures.
Clean Emissions Module – Selective Catalytic Reduction
  • In generator set applications, engines greater than 900 bkW must conform with stringent NOx emission limits, which necessitate the use of an SCR system. This larger CEM consists of integrated PM and NOx after-treatment.
  • Using a DOC for PM and HC control, as well as an SCR system with air-assist diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) injection, the CEM also features an Ammonia Oxidation Catalyst (AMOX), integrated sound attenuation and an insulated exterior to reduce heat radiation in engine room installations.
  • A dosing control module is connected to the SCR module to provide closed-loop control of the NOx reduction process by monitoring NOx sensors before and after the SCR catalysts and controlling the injection of appropriate amounts of DEF to achieve the desired reduction.


Learn more about Caterpillar Industrial Generator (contact PTS for additional specification sheets for other power requirements):

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