Modular and Containerized Data Center Solutions

btn_contactOver the last decade the biggest IT challenge organizations have contended with is keeping their facilities for IT in line with their dynamic IT needs. The decentralization of IT first caused a distributed server sprawl before virtualization reined IT back. With IT we can plan and implement changes in a matter of weeks that affect the amount of space, power & cooling we need to facilitate our IT equipment.

Rapid IT Deployment Schedules

baselayer-EDGE-DMOD-Exterior-Front-Doors-OpenWho hasn’t been through a fire drill to get facility infrastructure in place to meet requirements for IT after the new IT equipment has already shown up. This has been one of the great divides between IT and Facilities personnel and Reason #1 to consider a modular or containerized data center solution as some of these modular and containerized data center solutions can be deployed rapidly and in line with a typical IT planning schedule.

Facility Scalability

Reason #2 to consider modular and containerized data center solutions is these solutions offer scalability.  Careful with this one though, as the power and cooling support infrastructure, such as your utility feed and switchgear and your central cooling plant don’t offer this scalability, but there is still a tremendous benefit to being able to offer scalability for the whitespace in your data center strategy. Another thing to consider is that some of the containerized data center building blocks are quite large. For instance, for an enterprise a 40 foot 500kW container that houses 1,000 quad core processors might be an acceptable building block, but how can we offer scalability to a small business that would never even grow into a 500KW 1,000 quad core need? It is this reason that PTS has developed a variety of modular and containerized data center solutions from micro containers to modular scalable exterior builds to highly efficient PODs available in sizes from 10-225 24kW racks. We can offer the right modular scalable data center building blocks to meet the requirements for any organization.

BladeRoom-modular-data-center-resizeHigh Efficiencies

Reason #3 to consider modular and containerized data center solutions is these solutions offer higher efficiency. As most data centers struggle to keep in the optimal efficiency range of their designed loads, modular and scalable architecture allow us to manage the optimal efficiency and add efficient capacity as needed. Most modular solutions also offer highly efficient close coupled cooling solutions that eliminate air mixing. The newest modular solution PTS offers, the BladeRoom Modular Data Center, has been designed from the outset to maximize data center efficiency, using free cooling for over 99% of the year and delivering a proven PUE as low as 1.13 in temperate climates across a large load range from 40% to 100% capacity and 1kW to 24kW per rack.  The PUE of the BladeRoom System varies depending on the climate in which the data center is located, with PUEs as low as 1.19 for temperate climates like the New York and 1.31 for hot and humid climates like Dubai.

BladeRoom-modular-data-center-IT-room-resizeReduced CAPEX Requirements

Reason #4 to consider modular and containerized data center solutions is these solutions can reduce CAPEX requirements. Because these solutions are modular and scalable movable assets they can be financed eliminating the need to come up with large upfront CAPEX investments to meet your data center capacity requirements. The other added benefit of the financing is these assets can be depreciated over a much faster timeframe than a CAPEX construction investment.

Emerson-Network-Power-SmartMod-infrastructure-solutionRepeatable Standards

Reason #5 to consider modular and containerized data center solutions is these solutions can be developed with repeatable standards. Many organizations have struggled having such a diverse portfolio of data center real estate that it has been hard to develop repeatable standards for power, cooling, cabling and physical security infrastructure. When we develop a repeatable building block with a modular or containerized data center solution, we can design and engineer repeatable standards providing the versatility to reuse these assets in any location. Yes, we may need to uniquely engineer the core power and cooling plant infrastructure in our real estate portfolio, but the scalable data center building blocks can be engineered once creating an incredible savings and economy of scale.

Firelock-fireproof-modular-vaultsStructural Security

Reason #6 to consider modular and containerized data center solutions is these solutions can provide a higher level of structural security. Many data centers that are constructed conventionally may have a 1 or 2 hour fire wall that has been voided by a 20 minute rated door or by a penetration that hasn’t been properly fire stopped.  More importantly these conventionally constructed data centers have no Class 125 rating so even if the fire doesn’t penetrate the data center perimeter the electronic media may be corrupted. The reality is conventionally built data centers offer little protection from catastrophic events like fire, wind, earthquakes, flood, or protect from building threats such as water, dust, EMI, RFI, theft and vandalism. FireLock Server Vaults offer up to 4 hour Class 125 fire protection as well as protection from all of the above threats.

Elliptical Mobile Solutions C3-S.P.E.A.R. Product
Elliptical Mobile Solutions C3-S.P.E.A.R. Product

PTS has extensive experience in designing modular and containerized data center solutions to meet unique design criteria and business requirements. PTS understand what problems each of the modular solutions on the market solve and how scalable solutions are best applied with your power & cooling plant infrastructure or how to design and engineer supporting infrastructure around a modular or containerized data center rollout.

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Smart Solutions Integrated Infrastructure

Smart Solutions Integrated Infrastructure
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All data centers, regardless of their size, have operational and business objectives. Until now, balancing data center best practices for capacity, space utilization, availability and efficiency has been difficult without making sacrifices. That’s why Emerson Network Power developed the Smart Solutions family of data center infrastructure offerings.

Each Smart Solutions offering addresses data center management needs with rapidly deployable solutions that cost-effectively add data center capacity, improve IT control and increase efficiency–to balance the most common data center objectives.

These solutions contain the industry’s leading power, cooling and management systems to achieve efficiency without compromise in IT environments of all sizes.

An Alternative To Traditional Design

Balancing data center objectives for capacity, space utilization, availability and efficiency is difficult without making sacrifices. Failure to properly design and deploy physical infrastructure can lead to underutilized systems, stranded capacity and higher operating costs, preventing you from gaining the full advantage of your data center.

What IT and Data Center Managers Want

Faced with these challenges, IT and data center managers increasingly want infrastructure strategies that are alternatives to conventional approaches. These new strategies must include solutions that:

  • Improve energy efficiency, space utilization and IT productivity
  • Offer measurable savings in CAPEX and OPEX
  • Offer location flexibility and compatibility with existing infrastructure
  • Improve the ability to manage and control the IT environment
  • Feature interoperability for fast and easy design and implementation
  • Support greater capacity by improving management of density and availability

These are advantages of the Smart Solutions family of infrastructure offerings from Emerson Network Power. Emerson Network Power delivers Efficiency Without Compromise through the Smart Solutions infrastructure, to create savings across the data center and improve operation and management. These solutions provide a cost-effective power, precision cooling and management infrastructure to help you achieve your IT objectives regardless of data center size and complexity.


Each Smart Solution offering integrates industry best practices in data center design and operations, including:

  • Hot air and cold air separation
  • Cold air containment
  • High availability and high efficiency UPS
  • High-efficiency precision cooling
  • Space-savings, small-footprint
  • Modularity for flexibility and easier expansion
  • Integrated monitoring and control to optimize efficiency in planning and management
  • Unique local service for design audits, configuration support, installation support, maintenance and repair

Emerson Network Power brings together the industry’s finest power, precision cooling, monitoring and management brands and businesses, including Liebert, Knurr, ASCO, Avocent, Chloride, Energy Systems and Surge Protection solutions.

No Other Solution Offers The industry’s Leading Power, Precision Cooling And Data Center Infrastructure Management Systems For Such A Wide Array Of Applications And Environments.

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