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btn_contactPTS Computer Room Consulting Services are an enterprise-wide, consultative approach to help you manage mission critical environments. The services encompass the entire lifecycle, from assessment, strategy and design, to implementation and operational services. We have the expertise, proven methodologies and tools to help you manage your data center investments, improve operations and performance, and deliver business results.

PTS Computer Room Consulting Services include:

  • Data Center Planning & Pre-Design Are you an IT professional that has been asked to provide your management team with the size requirements, power requirements and cooling requirements of an up coming computer room relocation? Are you overwhelmed by the array of choices when it comes to selecting the ideal support, IT & cable infrastructure for your project? Are you concerned your team is not equally represented when attending management, architect, engineering or construction meetings? If so, PTS can provide you with a data center design professional that will doggedly represent your best interests.
  • Data Center Power & Cooling Systems Analysis PTS load studies offer piece-of-mind when it comes to power equipment selection. As part of our data center consulting services, our expert technician can provide complete load profiling and reporting from simple spot-checking to week-long data logging. Our methodology combines the business and technology expertise needed to ensure customer satisfaction from concept through completion.
  • Data Center Feasibility Consulting Specific expertise and experience is necessary to perform Data Center Feasibility Consulting and Studies. Most data center operators have expertise and experience in the Information Technology (IT) area in terms of network services, network engineering, network security, servers, desktop, storage, and other ancillary areas within the IT discipline. However, upgrading or building a new data center requires different skills in terms of power, space, cooling, fire suppression, computational fluid dynamics, data center architecture, commissioning of facility supporting infrastructure, just to name a few of the disciplines.
  • Data Center Project Cost Estimating Developing a budget for a data center, computer room, or server room upgrade or new build requires understanding an array of items related to the facility supporting infrastructure costs, mechanical & electrical design and engineering costs, commissioning costs, and construction costs. However, in order to understand the size, type of power and cooling density required, and then the engineering and build, data center operators and senior IT and facility managers need to take a step back and fully understand the requirements of IT infrastructure both when the facility opens and several years down the road.
  • Data Center Availability & Risk Assessment A comprehensive data center inspection to assess the ability of the support infrastructure to provide continuous availability including a site inspection, an evaluation of the present load condition, a comparison to the capacity constraints, identification of critical deficiencies and potential downtime risks, an assessment of the concurrent maintenance capacity of the site and expert consulting regarding recommendations for improvements.
  • Data Center Computational Fluid Dynamic Services PTS utilizes powerful 3-D CFD software for the design, operational analysis, and maintenance for data center and computer rooms of all types and sizes. The intent is to provide better designs and management of mission critical facilities throughout their lifetime. Our goal is to minimize the risk of cooling problems as well as increase the overall manageability and performance of the site.
  • Technology Master Format Planning Today’s construction industry is a different place from where it was even just ten years ago. The world around has advanced by leaps and bounds, and the construction industry has had to follow suit. Today’s business facilities are so much more than just walls, electric power and light, plumbing and HVAC. Today’s business facilities incorporate all of these things and so much more. From redundant power supplies, 24×7 backup facilities, and multiple environment control systems; to complete building control and automation systems, and miles of communications cabling, today’s business facilities are complex environments. Not only are the buildings themselves more complex, but also the means and methods by which they are constructed. As such, the organization, engineering, and teamwork required to construct them correctly and on-time are just as complex. Our data center consulting services can stream-line and simplify the process for you.
  • Data Center Site Selection PTS’s consulting experts can provide an analysis of proposed data center site locations including creating conceptual drawings and establishing budgets for the development of the site. We also maintain a database of data center properties in the U.S., which can be used to significantly shorten our clients’ site search cost and time investment.
  • Data Center Real Estate Search property listings for available data center real estate.
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Business continuity is vital to business success. It can no longer remain the concern of the IT department alone. How do you determine the continuity and recovery requirements of your business? How do you identify and integrate critical business and IT priorities into a comprehensive continuity program? Where do you start?
  • Data Center Relocation Evaluation & Planning It is essential to have the IT equipment migration project team assembled and organized early in the design process. As construction drawings are completed and the construction begins, the team should be very hard at work with equipment planning and migration activities. Let our data center consulting team guide you through this phase.
  • Data Center Owners Representation Are you an IT professional that has been asked to provide your management team with the size requirements, power requirements and cooling requirements of an up coming computer room relocation? Are you overwhelmed by the array of choices when it comes to selecting the ideal support, IT & cable infrastructure for your project? Are you concerned your team is not equally represented when attending management, architect, engineering or construction meetings? If so, PTS can provide you with a data center design professional that will doggedly represent your best interests.
  • Thermography Assessment Service The PTS Thermography Assessment Service uses infrared thermography to analyze the condition of your data center or computer room’s support infrastructure. It may be purchased as a standalone service, or integrated into a regular maintenance program. PTS will supply you with a detailed assessment, enabling you to manage your facilities support infrastructure for optimum performance, extend the life of your critical support infrastructure, and ensure the highest level of system availability.
  • Data Center Energy Usage Assessment Service PTS’ Data Center Energy Usage Assessment Service provides data center operators with a spot measurement and calculation of the site’s power usage effectiveness (PUE) and data center efficiency (DCE) ratios. The goal of this service is to assess the power utilization of the data center operations as the first step in determining whether energy efficiency improvements are achievable. 
  • Data Center Energy Efficiency Assessments PTS Data Center Solutions provides a variety of consulting services geared to improving airflow within a data center, planning the feasibility of data center modifications and their resultant improvements to facility sustainability, analyzing the benefits of co-locating IT infrastructure versus capital investments to build new or expand existing facilities, performing maintenance management to mitigate support infrastructure risks, as well as many others. Each of these services is aimed at improving the availability of your IT infrastructure for your Always Available Data Center. 
  • Data Center Facility Business Strategy Consulting Data Center expansions, consolidations, and relocations are expensive and, therefore, should be analyzed by trained data center design and evaluation experts for potential risks, hidden costs, and other items which can severely impact sound business decisions. Making the wrong decision regarding a Data Center migration strategy can negatively impact a business for years to come. Proper upfront analysis, investigation, financial justification, and strategic thought should be put into the final decision when considering:
  • Data Center Virtualization Strategies & Assessments PTS leverages its proven consultative process to provide Data Center Virtualization Consulting Services which drive business agility by simplifying business infrastructure to create a more dynamic and flexible data center. The service includes four key components: needs analyses for use of virtualization within the enterprise; site surveys of current virtualization within the enterprise (if needed);assessments and analysis of virtualization for servers and storage area networks against numerous designs, manufacturer solutions, and key decision criteria; and, planning to provide technology roadmaps, budgets, and timelines for future design and implementation of virtualization strategies. 
  • Data Center Relocation Evaluation & Planning PTS provides comprehensive planning, project management, and implementation services for clients requiring Computer Room Relocation due to consolidations, migrations, acquisitions, business moves, or other strategic business reasons. PTS provides specific technical expertise and labor to prepare all IT and facilities equipment for relocation, load and transport all equipment, re-install and recertify equipment (, and document and hand off to client operational and IT personnel.
  • Data Center Server Planning & Feasibility Leveraging our proven consultative process, PTS provides Data Center Server Planning & Feasibility Consulting Services for single site and enterprise level clientele. The service includes four key components: needs analyses for deployment of new server techniques and technology; site surveys of current server infrastructure equipment within the enterprise (if needed); assessments of servers, server virtualization, discrete, rack, and blade server architectures including consideration of various manufacturer architectures and key decision criteria; and, planning to provide technology roadmaps, budget, and timelines for future design and deployment of server infrastructure.
  • Data Center Storage Area Network (SAN) and Data Protection Planning & Feasibility PTS’ IT Storage & Data Protection Consulting Services provides a comprehensive analysis of storage, storage area network, and data security within the enterprise network. These services include four key components: needs analyses for future storage area network design; site surveys of current storage area network infrastructure (if needed); storage area network assessments to analyze requirements against numerous designs, manufacturer solutions, and key decision criteria; and, planning to provide technology roadmaps, budget, and timelines for future design and implementation.

To learn more about PTS’ computer room consulting services, contact us or visit:

Computer Room Design by PTS

Computer Room Design by PTS

ups_09PTS is an industry-leading provider of data center solutions including both IT and Facility support infrastructure products and product-based services for data centers, computer rooms, server rooms, network closets, and other mission critical environments.

As a trusted advisor to thousands of companies during all phases of data center lifecycle management, PTS has experience with all leading Facility and IT related infrastructure and solutions including: power, cooling, cabling, flooring, racks/cabinets, servers, SANs, switches, virtualization, monitoring, management, security, fire suppression, and applications-specific programs. And remember, PTS is vendor-agnostic. We provide a variety of solutions in each product category so we don’t force one manufacturer solution into every situation. Rather, PTS focuses on your near and long term requirements to assist in making the right procurement decisions.

It is the Total Cost of the Project & Ownership – Not Just the Price of the Equipment

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Component PTS performs a rigorous evaluation of all the data center solutions we recommend. This includes assessing the data center infrastructure in our NJ-based ‘demo’ center. Our intent is to both verify proper operation as well as evaluate proper integration with other systems. Together, all of the data center solutions must work together, seamlessly, to provide you with ‘always available’ network services.

Through the many projects we have been involved with, and the thousands of infrastructure solutions we have touched, we have learned how to avoid the unanticipated costs that can derail your budget. At PTS, we understand it is the total cost of the project, as well as, the total cost of ownership that ultimately drives Return on Investment — not just the price of the infrastructure.

That’s not to say we don’t value price. We purchase millions of dollars of data center infrastructure and equipment every month. No one can match the purchasing power we have attained after this many years. Therefore, we are able to offer you a very competitive price for all your data center solutions needs – and always better than any manufacturer will sell to you directly.

PTS goes to great lengths to identify, evaluate, and recommend, the ‘best-of-breed’, product & services solutions, available today, for data centers and computer rooms. We focus our efforts on identifying those data center solutions that provide what we consider the most important attributes:computer-room-server-rack

  • Modular
  • Scalable
  • Hot-swappable
  • Easily Maintainable
  • Redundant
  • Manageable

PTS has the confidence to recommend our data center solutions because we have had the benefit of having previously deployed, installed, integrated, and tested each and every one.

Consider Why We Have Been Involved in So Many Projects

PTS understands it’s all about cost control. From planning and configuration, to installation and maintenance, PTS considers all the pieces contributing to the overall cost of a data center solutions project.

Additionally, we offer the following advantages over our competition:

  • On-site, post-sales support including start-up service, preventative maintenance service, and unscheduled and/or emergency response service.
  • In-house product selection guidance to ensure you select the most appropriate data center solutions for the application.
  • In-house engineering to ensure the equipment can be supported by the facilities services and integrated with the coexisting facility infrastructure.
  • On-site project management to make sure the equipment ships on-time, can be rigged into location efficiently, is installed properly, is commissioned appropriately, and all documentation is complete.
  • On-site installation and integration support for IT solutions. n On-site or remote training for all solutions.
  • Optional Managed Services support for both IT and Facilities solutions so your team can focus on their core roles & responsibilities.
  • Optional remote monitoring for network, server, workstation, and facility equipment.

In short, our goal is to make sure you are completely satisfied with the results of our involvement with the project.

computer-room-rack-cablingSave Money, Save Time – Save Your Project

PTS is uniquely qualified to provide businesses with data center and computer room project services including surveys, assessments, design & engineering, IT and support infrastructure sourcing, construction management and implementation services, commissioning, maintenance, and monitoring services.

Please contact PTS and tell us about your project. Give us the opportunity and we’ll provide you with the justification you need to convince your management to take the next step.

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