Data Center Storage Area Network (SAN) Solutions

Fibre Channel Storage Area Network (SAN) Solutions (in alphabetical order)

iSCSI Storage Area Network (SAN) Solutions (in alphabetical order)

PTS considers various elements for proper storage & data protection design including, but not limited to:

  • Storage Scalability
  • Storage Capacity
  • Storage Availability
  • Storage Recoverability
  • Storage Performance
  • Storage monitoring & management techniques
  • Data protection systems architecture
  • Current & future server virtualization architectures
  • Data Tiering Architecture
  • RAID Analysis
  • Systems utilization and virtualization rates
  • Data types and structures
  • Network Cabling Management
  • Load balancing
  • Storage budgets
  • Applications environments
  • Zoning Fibre Channel Information Governance Requirements
    (if using Fibre Channel SAN solutions)

To assist network planners, PTS leverages our proven consultative process to provide Data Center SAN Consulting Services to assist our clients in making informed decisions on such things as what type of SAN approach to use, iSCSI versus Fibre Channel architectures, and how best to approach storage virtualization. Our Data Center SAN Consulting Services assist network planners by providing technology roadmaps, budget, and timelines for future design and implementation of virtualization strategies.

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