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If you could summarize infrastructure management in one word it would be information. This information must be complete, accurate, have audit capability, and provide an integration layer.


Can you answer the following questions?

  • How long does it take to deploy a new server?
  • Who can you contact to get the accurate status for a project?
  • For any given IT service, can you name all the servers on which it relies to properly operate?
  • Do you have the capacity (power, cooling and space) to add 10 new blade servers?

If you can’t answer the questions, it is probably because you don’t have the tools you need to provide the information you need to do your job. The following illustration shows the various infrastructure management functions, with information as the core:

Whether you are migrating to newer facility or IT technologies, relocating your data center, or planning for future facility improvements, Data Center Management or Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) products and solutions can accurately predict asset performance levels to achieve optimum operational efficiency by providing comprehensive information and feedback regarding the state of the data center.

APC infrastruxure management software A Comprehensive Data Center Management View

Data Center Management solutions provide managers with the ability to perform a variety of tasks. As a consultancy providing a Complete View of Your Data Center: Integrating IT and Facilities, PTS is unique and comprehensive in its view of Data Center Management tools. For Data Center Management, PTS includes eleven (11) categories:

  • Asset Management Provide database tracking of IT and/or support (facility) infrastructure assets which may or may not include auto discovery and change management

  • Asset Location Management Provide automated physical location tracking of IT and/or support (facility) infrastructure assets.

  • Real-Time Monitoring Provide hardware and/or software for automated real-time data capture of temperature, humidity, power, security, leak detection, camera surveillance, etc.

  •  Energy Management Provide automated real-time data analysis of energy usage for IT and/or supporting infrastructure resulting in PUE trending.

  • nlyte-data-center-management-solution-product-architecture-fullCapacity Planning Provide real-time data analysis for space, power, and cooling capacity planning.

  • Optimization Management Provide IT performance versus available resource analysis.

  • Documentation Management Provide online document retention, management, and control.

  • Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) Modeling Provide dynamic airflow and temperature modeling for predictive analysis of cooling systems performance.

  • Maintenance Management Provide maintenance management including scheduling, service history, entitlement tracking, cost analysis, etc.

  • Power Connectivity Management Provide power connectivity management in device hierarchical manner.

  • Data Connectivity Management Provide data connectivity management in device hierarchical manner.


Raritan dcTrack 01Although the Holy Grail for Data Center Management or DCIM solutions is to have a fully integrated Data Center Management platform, current manufacturer solutions typically provide one or several, but not all, of the capabilities listed above. Rather, it is critical for data center operational managers to consider how to acquire, integrate, and leverage multiple manufacturer solutions across the spectrum of data center management requirements.

Robust, Integrated Platform Management

Robust, integrated platforms in the Data Center Management space typically include a base software solution with a data center visualization capability. After that, options may include automated asset locator capabilities, capacity planning, maintenance management, etc. Before a purchase is made, it is imperative to take a holistic approach to management and operational requirements. PTS helps clients make a good value judgment and deploy appropriate solutions which meet client data center management requirements.

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