Data Center Wireless Environmental and Power Monitoring Solutions

btn_contactPTS offers a comprehensive array of Data Center Wireless Environmental & Power Monitoring Solutions. These solutions represent the best in class in terms of functionality, ease of use, accuracy, and long term performance.

PTS data center solutions professionals find most data center facility managers don’t want to burden or use their expensive network infrastructure to address environmental & power monitoring solutions. We all know we can’t manage what we don’t measure, but often the resistance of facilities and IT wanting to work together to address the problem prevents both groups from effectively monitoring environmental conditions on the network to optimize the Data Center. Wireless sensor solutions can not only eliminate the resistance when trying to get network infrastructure allocated for environmental monitoring but they also give data center operators the ability to quickly deploy and the flexibility to move sensors around for testing as new equipment is being deployed.

PTS’ Data Center Site Wireless Environmental & Power Monitoring Solutions represent one (1) of the eleven (11) step progression of the data center project process, the Monitoring & Managing step.

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Packet Power Energy Monitoring SystemPacket Power

The Packet Power Energy Monitoring System uses a wireless mesh network to monitor inline power meters, temperature, humidity and air pressure that the management of complex facilities requires. The data collected from these sensors can be managed in a cloud portal called EMX, or you can run Power Manager from Packet Power or you can just use a gateway for SNMP Connectivity and Modbus TCP/IP Connectivity link the wireless monitoring devices to your existing data center monitoring software.

Wireless Sensors

Wireless Sensors SensiNetRack SentryThe SensiNetRack Sentry is a wireless temperature monitoring device and component of the SensiNet wireless sensor network. It reports highly accurate, real-time ambient level temperature measurements, without wires, and is FCC and CE-approved for license free operation worldwide. The Rack Sentry utilizes a solid state sensor in a unique configuration for ultimate installation flexibility. Individual sensors are “daisy chained” using standard CAT5 patch cables. Up to three sensors are supported as standard and these sensors can be added and or reconfigured in the field. The system simply recognizes the attached sensors and reports temperature with virtually no user configuration.

The Rack Sentry utilizes highly accurate, MEMS solid state sensors and a replaceable “C” size battery provides years of reliable operation. The SensiNet Services data acquisition Gateway is a powerful appliance providing network management, user interface, data logging, trending, alarming and communications without any complicated software to install. A standard browser and network connection is all that’s required to access and configure the system. The GWAY-1022 also operates as stand-alone data logger with real time views, trending and e-mail alerts.


ThermalMap-fullSynapSense uses a wireless mesh network to monitor:

  • Server inlet temperatures
  • Delta T across CRAC units
  • Humidity and calculate dew points
  • Subfloor pressure differentials

SynapSense Wireless Environmental Monitoring and Data Center Optimization Platform software provides real-time visibility to assess current data center operating conditions, including generating a temperature gradient to identify operational or energy efficiency opportunities, and quantify improvements.


PTS Aurora isolated temperature sensorQuickly and easily identify temperature status and potential issues from across the data center.

PTS Aurora High Resolution Wireless Temperature Sensing Strips couple a series of 8 temperature sensors with an array of high intensity LEDs. This design provides the appearance of a “live” CFD by visually displaying a range of cool (blue) to hot (red) and a blend of 129 colors in between.

The Aurora is the perfect self-policing, real-time troubleshooting tool to clearly identify potential cooling or heat-related issues. Data Centers are dynamic environments, so the instantaneous feedback is invaluable when monitoring changes or validating best-practice improvements.

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