Heat Rejection Cooling Solutions


Stulz CyberCool Chiller
Stulz CyberCool Chiller

Heat rejection is essential to the proper functioning of data centers, yet poor design and maintenance prevent many systems from operating at peak efficiency. Planning and Design can provide an assessment of your data center’s cooling system. By evaluating your present and future loads, capacity and redundant capacity plans can be created and implemented to keep your data center’s cooling infrastructure optimized. And, as server power consumption increases with the deployment of blade server architectures, it becomes increasingly important to deploy effective heat rejection cooling solutions.

PTS carries a variety of best-in-class heat rejection cooling solutions to meet client precision cooling requirements. Products include chillers, condensers, fluid coolers, air coolers, and dry coolers.

Emerson Network Power Series PB Indoor Drycooler Solutions
Emerson Network Power Series PB Indoor Drycooler Solutions

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