Air Containment Systems

btn_contactPTS provides Air Containment Systems (ACS) for hot-aisle/cold-aisle containment. The solutions reduce data center cooling costs by directing cold air where it is needed most – through the computer racks.

Data center managers across the county are discovering that ACS or airlock systems consisting of clear panels, vinyl curtains, door enclosure solutions or strip doors are ideal for use in computer data centers where hot-aisle/cold-aisle containment is important. Hot-aisle/cold-aisle design is the data center best practice where server racks are lined up in alternating rows with cold-air intakes all facing one aisle and hot-air exhausts facing the other. Cool air is vented into the cold air aisles, directed through the computer racks, and into the warm air aisles.

Air Containment System

By further separating the hot and cold air aisles with an ACS, managers can effectively separate cold air aisles from warm air aisles, directing cool air where it is needed most in the data center: through the computer racks. Additionally, a study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory finds facilities that use curtains or partitions to direct airflow in data centers, “can save energy on both air conditioning and fan systems – 15% and 67%, respectively.”

PTS typically designs this solution & CFD models its application to guarantee the results, savings & performance prior to implementation.

The key design criteria parameters serve as a basis to monitor and properly manage the data center. Use of PTS ACS solutions provide clear return-on-investment as an integral component of the eleven-step computer room design and management process.

Features Benefits
Hot and cold aisle separation. Save energy on both air conditioning and fan systems – 15% and 67% respectively (according to a study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Includes airlock panels, transparent curtains, vinyl curtains, door enclosure systems, strip doors, panels and patented hardware. Solutions available for a variety of applications.
Specially formulated solutions which are low-outgassing and anti-static. Fire retardant to meet ASTM and NFPA requirements.
Drop-away curtains. Curtains fall away in the case of fire, allowing fire sprinklers full operating range.
Airlocks raise the intake or ducts the intake of a CRAC to the plenum Improves the effectiveness of your HVAC system
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