UPS Maintenance

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UPS Maintenance
UPS Maintenance

IT departments need to take steps to ensure their companies do not run afoul of an increasingly complex set of laws and regulations relating to data integrity and availability. Managers must have a keen understanding of the regulatory compliance issues that impact business continuity planning and just as important–how mission-critical power, cooling, and monitoring strategies support business continuity and overall infrastructure management and UPS Maintenance requirements.

Here are some considerations for determining the adequacy of your power and cooling protection.

  • Are you performing preventative maintenance at manufacturer recommended intervals for your Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems?
  • Are you following the manufacturer’s recommended series of tasks associated with preventative UPS maintenance?
  • If you rely on backup generators, is your generator sized adequately to power the cooling system and critical computer systems?
  • Is mission-critical network equipment— whether in the data center or at remote locations— being protected by line-interactive UPS systems?
  • Are you relying on UPS batteries to ride through daily power fluctuations?

The PTS Data Center Maintenance Management Software solution (DCMMS) provides a complete & integrated managed solution for operational UPS maintenance in the data center.

It sounds elementary, but many IT managers do not know the status of their UPS batteries. Be sure to implement a policy of regular battery inspections, and have a replacement program that makes replacement manageable. Using the PTS DCMMS to manage UPS maintenance is a great way to avoid severe service outages and to extend the useful life of many UPS systems.

Data Center Maintenance Management Software Solution (DCMMS) visit the DCMMS home page or one of the links below.

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Learn more about the PTS Data Center Maintenance Management (DCMM) Service, a complete & integrated managed solution for the operational maintenance of data center sites, from stand-alone data center facilities to tenant-space computer rooms, and their related support infrastructure.

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