Computer Room Maintenance

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Computer Room Maintenance is an important element to maintain IT network up-time. Because each room is unique, it is critical to develop a custom computer room maintenance program. To build a custom program, PTS performs a series of initiatives: computer room site surveys, assessments, and maintenance planning to verify a full range of environmental, air conditioning, electrical support, generators, and UPS systems support related to overall maintenance.

In addition to developing custom computer room maintenance programs, PTS can provide daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance on behalf of clients. To facilitate ongoing computer room maintenance, PTS leverages its Data Center Maintenance Management Software Solution (DCMMS).

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PTS Data Center Maintenance Management Software Solution (DCMMS) provides IT and Facility managers with the ability to schedule and track preventive computer room maintenance on data center infrastructure, create work orders and keep track of assets and spare parts required for maintenance. It also provides a number of reports to allow you to track costs and system downtime due to maintenance activities. The software provides a complete & integrated managed solution for operational maintenance for the data center and its support infrastructure.

DCMMS allows service management personnel to create work orders which access and leverage manufacturer recommended service schedules, parts, tasks, and time to complete. After the technician completes the work order, it can be reviewed and approved at the summary level by management personnel and tracked as history for specific assets.

To learn more about the PTS Data Center Maintenance Management Software Solution (DCMMS) visit the DCMMS home page or one of the links below.




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Learn more about the PTS Data Center Maintenance Management (DCMM) Service, a complete & integrated managed solution for the operational maintenance of data center sites, from stand-alone data center facilities to tenant-space computer rooms, and their related support infrastructure.

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