Computer Room Facility Maintenance

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Computer Room Facility Maintenance programs include a series of activities by PTS service, technical, and support staff. PTS personnel are trained to be efficient in their activities to provide data center facility maintenance for cleaning services, preventative maintenance, and updates or upgrades per service contracts, warranties, and recalls.

Computer room facility maintenance programs are geared towards all infrastructure support systems in the data center including, but not limited to, the following systems:

PTS has developed a computer room facility maintenance management system called the Data Center Maintenance Management Software (DCMMS) solution which was designed exclusively to support computer room maintenance activities.

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DCMMS enables maintenance management and technical personnel to proactively track asset preventive maintenance schedules, create work orders for preventive maintenance work, and track maintenance histories on all facility assets. Manufacturer recommended schedules and tasks can be loaded into the system to simplify the effort required to maintain computer room facility assets.

Regular preventive maintenance of assets is proven to extend the useful life and performance of these assets. Therefore, the DCMMS solution ultimately saves companies money on new capital purchases.

Data Center Maintenance Management Software Solution (DCMMS) visit the DCMMS home page or one of the links below.

Learn more about the PTS Data Center Maintenance Management (DCMM) Service, a complete & integrated managed solution for the operational maintenance of data center sites, from stand-alone data center facilities to tenant-space computer rooms, and their related support infrastructure.

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