Data Center Maintenance Management Software (DCMMS) Solution

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PTS’ Data Center Maintenance Management Software solution (DCMMS) provides a complete & integrated management platform for operational maintenance of a data center and its support infrastructure.

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Our goal in the development of this software is to provide a best-in-class solution aimed specifically at providing data center managers with a tool to manage all aspects of support infrastructure maintenance within the data center. In using this tool, organizations will increase their support infrastructure asset life, track maintenance details, prevent equipment failures, predict equipment failures, improve labor productivity, reduce equipment downtime, minimize investment in inventory, and lower the total cost of data center maintenance.

DCMMS is a comprehensive application specifically designed to manage all support infrastructure assets within a data center. The solution is a web-based application which tracks all assets by type, manufacturer, age, and manages the assets against standard manufacturer-based maintenance schedules. All schedules, tasks, dates of service, problems, issues, resolutions, and other maintenance-based required items are tracked for each asset through the software system.

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DCMMS Asset Information
From the equipment list, service administrators can drill down to retrieve detailed asset information, warranty information or service histories. Clicking on an asset’s location will display a visual view of the asset within the data center. Advanced search capabilities allow service staff to find the set of assets needed for maintenance and searches can be saved for reuse later.


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DCMMS Service Routines
DCMMS provides pre-defined Service Routines such as those for planned/unplanned maintenance including preventative maintenance tasks for data center equipment (CRAC, PDU, UPS, etc.) with manufacturer recommended maintenance intervals, planned downtime, parts required, personnel availability, costs to service and full management reporting of issues and outcomes necessary to properly maintain the support infrastructure across all of a company’s data center facilities.


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DCMMS Integrated Calendar
In addition, DCMMS provides an integrated calendar for easy preventative maintenance, work order management, and calendar-based scheduling. Drill down from the calendar view to a specific work order, site or date.

Finally, DCMMS is available for purchase or as a client/server application or as a PTS-hosted service solution. The cost of DCMMS is based upon the number of assets under management and is tiered to support small to large-scale data center management operations.

Optionally, on behalf of the client, PTS can maintain organization of all maintenance details through our Data Center Maintenance Management Service offering. Contact us for more information.

The DCMMS solution provides a solution previously unavailable to data center managers for effective and efficient maintenance of support infrastructure. This is the last step in the eleven-step process for proper management of a data center.

Data Center Project Process Data Center Consulting Data Center Design and Engineering Data Center Products Data Center Construction Data Center Commissioning Data Center Implementation Data Center Monitoring and Control Data Center Operations and Maintenance
Complete maintenance solution for all data center and support infrastructure Provides a first-of-its-kind maintenance management solution for data center and support infrastructure
Single repository of all maintenance activities by data center asset including both IT and facility infrastructure Cost effective solution to maintain or track IT and facility assets in the data center
Track service history for all managed assets Retain a complete service history by device
Loaded with pre-defined service tasks for data center infrastructure Easily set up and deploy a data center maintenance plan; Provides a complete & integrated solution for operational maintenance of a data center
Provides complete maintenance profiles for all major support infrastructure in the data center No need to research required maintenance cycles, parts and service needs for products, the system provides this intrinsically; significantly reduce time to establish maintenance schedules for all support infrastructure products
Create and track work orders with defined scopes-of-work Assures the workforce is on site, at the appropriate time, and with the appropriate skills and procedures to provide expert support systems maintenance
Track all device entitlements including warranty and service contracts Prevent lapses in warranty and/or on-site service coverage
Calendar view Visually organize service tasks, work orders, and maintenance resources via a calendar view
Maintain all site and device specific documentation Provides a portfolio maintenance related documentation, such as asset tracking, maintenance records, maintenance procedures, contact lists, service contracts, warranties, ‘as-built’ drawings, and more
Extensive and automated reporting to allow tracking of maintenance and costs Helps organizations increase asset life, track maintenance details, prevent equipment failures, predict equipment failures, improve labor productivity, reduce equipment downtime, minimize investment in inventory, and lower the total cost of maintenance
Available as a client/server application or a PTS-hosted solution Provides purchaser choice of capital versus expense for accounting purposes; don’t have to tie up your IT infrastructure for deployment
Ability to tie into real-time monitoring systems to provide condition-based maintenance (future release) Active maintenance of assets; seamless integration with already deployed real-time monitoring systems
Able to interface with asset management systems to load existing data into the system quickly prior to launch (Future) Easily set up and deploy system

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Learn more about the PTS Data Center Maintenance Management (DCMM) Service, a complete & integrated managed solution for the operational maintenance of data center sites, from stand-alone data center facilities to tenant-space computer rooms, and their related support infrastructure.

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