HotLok Rack Air Flow Management

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hotlok-logoUpsite Technologies’ HotLok line of rack airflow managements products are specifically designed to control intake airflow in server racks. Their award-winning blanking panels are considered the ‘best-fitting’ in the industry.

Purchase these HotLok products directly from the PTS Online Store:
HotLok Full Rack (42U) Blanking Panel Kit HotLok Full Rack Kit
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HotLok Sealing Membrane - 2.5 Inches Wide HotLok Rack Airflow Management Kit Sealing Membrane 100-Foot Roll

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HotLok Rack Airflow Management (RAM) Kit Extrusion - 90 Degree Profile HotLok Rack Airflow Management (RAM) Kit Extrusion 7′ Lengths 15-Pack

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HotLok Pass Through Blanking Panel 1U HotLok Pass Through Blanking Panel

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HotLok Round 4" Rack Mount Grommet HotLok 4″ Round Rack Mount Grommet

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HotLok Temperature Strip HotLok Temperature Strip 10-Pack
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Hotlok Blanking Panels HotLok Blanking Panel

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