Tuangru RAMP DCIM: All-in-One Data Center Management



Tuangru’s all-in-one data center management software allows you to seamlessly monitor the three layers of your data center: facility (UPS, CRAC, environmental), IT (servers, storage, network devices) and virtual (VMs). Use our DCIM tools for continuous monitoring, alerting and reporting on your entire data center facilities, IT assets, and virtual environment through your preferred web browser.

RAMP automates change management and provides real-time sensor data such as power, CPU utilization, and environmental conditions.  RAMP’s ability to manage everything from the virtual machine to the IT equipment (servers, storage, and network) to the power and cooling infrastructure helps you to understand and more effectively operate your data center.

Tuangru DCIM solutions are fully scalable and all data is fully accessible via published web services API to allow you to easily integrate the solutions with your existing data center management platforms.

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