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Raritan offers a range of power management solutions which allow IT administrators and facilities managers to monitor, access and control power at the rack.

The table below compares the features of Raritan’s three types of rack power distribution units (PDUs) – intelligent, switched and metered PDUs. As can be seen from the table, intelligent PDUs offer the greatest functionality with an emphasis on management and support for remote PDU-level and outlet-level switching. Switched PDUs support remote switching but little else. Metered PDUs support more management capabilities than switched PDUs but with only PDU-level remote switching.

Power Metering Outlet, PDU PDU
Outlet Switching check check
Outlet Mapping to KVM check check
Environmental Monitoring
(e.g. temperature, humidity)
User Management
(e.g. permission, Active Directory®)
Thresholds and Alerts check check
SNMP check check
Web Browser check check
Remote Access Serial, Ethernet Serial Ethernet
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