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With the Virtual Infrastructure Assessment tool, PTS can analyze your VMware environment, examine configurations and compatibilities, predict potential problems and identify opportunities for great efficiency. PTS can also benchmark your infrastructure against an anonymous group of thousands of other organizations and VMware best practices. All of this is provided without disrupting your data center operations or consuming cycles from your IT team.

The Assessment can be conducted on a one-time, monthly or quarterly basis and may be particularly useful prior to an upgrade. It delivers detailed reports customized to your environment including recommendations for specific actions for improving resource efficiency and immediate cost savings; itemization of obsolete infrastructure and needed updates, ensuring alignment with VMware’s Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) and best practices; and evaluation of how your environment compares against other customers in the community.

As part of your Assessment, PTS will provide:

  • Custom analysis of your VMware infrastructure across one or more data centers
  • 60-minute post-analysis consultation to review findings and recommendations
  • Identification of immediate cost savings through increased space efficiency (elimination of unneeded snapshots and VMs, greater VM density, etc.)
  • Examination of all datastores, spanning multiple vCenters, to identify and eliminate risks of capacity-induced disruption
  • Detailed inventory of your entire population of VMs, servers, and PCI devices, highlighting assets that
    are obsolete and/or need updating
  • Reports on configuration and status of key components of your VMware environment, including NTP servers and clients
  • Benchmarking key parameters against the community, VMware best practices, and the global Knowledge Base

Key Benefits

  • Visibility into immediate costs savings
  • Identification of operational hazards that pose risk to your infrastructure
  • Data-driven, actionable insights delivered through detailed analysis and reports

Fifteen minutes is all it takes!

  • What you give: 15 minutes of your time to activate your assessment
  • What you get: Potential cost savings by getting a detailed analysis showing costs and implementation details, plus adjustable parameters for fine-tuning and what-if analyses
  • Time elapsed: Receive insights within minutes! And within a few days have enough history to leverage these insights to make smarter decisions immediately

Requirements: VMware vCenter Server 4.1, 5.0, 5.1, 5.5, 6.0, or 6.5.

As your total solution partner, PTS will work with you every step of the way.

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