PTS Data Center Maintenance Management Software (DCMMS)

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Data Center Maintenance Management Software (DCMMS)

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Reduce equipment downtime, increase site availability, and lower maintenance costs using PTS Data Center Solutions’ Maintenance Management software

PTS’ Data Center Maintenance Management Software (DCMMS) solution provides a complete & integrated management platform for operational maintenance of a data center and its support infrastructure. Our goal in the development of this software is to provide a best-in-class solution aimed specifically at providing data center managers with a tool to manage all aspects of support infrastructure maintenance within the data center.

DCMMS is a comprehensive application specifically designed to manage all support infrastructure assets within a data center. The solution is a web-based application which tracks all assets by type, manufacturer, age, and manages the assets against standard manufacturer-based maintenance schedules. All schedules, tasks, dates of service, problems, issues, resolutions, and other maintenance-based required items are tracked for each asset through the software system.

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Learn more about the PTS Data Center Maintenance Management (DCMM) Service, a complete & integrated managed solution for the operational maintenance of data center sites, from stand-alone data center facilities to tenant-space computer rooms, and their related support infrastructure.

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