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Telco Cloud Provides the Foundation for Agile Service Delivery

Building distributed virtualized services to increase agility.

Faced with the dual threats of rising operating costs and flattening revenues, network service providers are increasingly turning to Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) technology to help them keep up with constantly changing market conditions. NFV leverages the principles of cloud computing to give service providers a platform for service delivery with greater agility and customization.

The move to NFV begins with an advanced architecture for the telco cloud. This architecture combines open cloud management and orchestration to deliver new virtualized services. As these services are distributed across the network, an intelligent services edge for visibility and control empowers service providers to orchestrate service chains, with SLAs and policy enforcement designed to exceed customer expectations.

Our Contrail Cloud Platform for NFV combines a turnkey software cloud management system with an open hardware reference architecture, professional services, and partner support. It delivers a production-ready solution that intelligently orchestrates and automates the provisioning and operation of virtualized and physical network functions.

Our MetaFabric™ architecture defines a blueprint for building agile, intelligent cloud data centers that serve as a foundation for rapid service delivery. Combine security, analytics, and automation with Juniper switching and routing innovation, and you have a powerful solution to simplify complex service delivery and network operations.

Our NFV-enabled telco cloud architecture gives you the freedom to choose the components and network elements that meet your business needs:

  • Support for more than 20 third-party Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs), plus Juniper’s own virtualized routing and security applications.
  • Physical and virtual network elements that combine to form a cohesive service offering.
  • Open source, open APIs, and proven, published protocols for multivendor interoperability.
  • Integration with leading cloud orchestration systems from Amdocs and IBM.
  • Compatibility with the ETSI NFV recommendations.

The telco cloud architecture forms the foundation of Juniper’s NFV solution, delivering virtual CPE (vCPE), virtualized provider edge, virtualized advanced security services, and a platform to support an array of additional VNFs.

With Juniper’s NFV solution, you can minimize your risk as you navigate through the NFV transformation.

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