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To Get Responsive, Build an NFV Service Edge

Customizing service delivery in today’s Telco cloud environment

In a perfect world, service provider infrastructure would evolve at the same pace as the applications and services it supports. Instead, networks today typically employ a single, monolithic service chain comprising multiple static appliances. This model imposes a number of restrictions on service providers. Not only does it make it difficult to add, move, or change applications, it requires significant overprovisioning to ensure adequate capacity.

By leveraging technologies such as software-defined networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), today’s service providers can overcome such limitations. These technologies give you the ability to tune and modify network resources in real time to deliver customized networking experiences for your customers.

At Juniper, we’re leading the way with an NFV service edge solution, built on our MX Series 3D Universal Edge Router platform, Service Control Gateways, and Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs). Our production-ready solution gives you unparalleled visibility into, and control over, your customers’ network usage. The result is an intelligent network that delivers the quality and reliability of services that your customers expect and are willing to pay for.

By combining high-performance routing, Layer 4-7 traffic detection and steering, and policy control and enforcement, our NFV service edge solution shows service providers who is using their network and how they are using it. Service providers gain a level of visibility that has never before been available, which enables your operations staff to tune and adjust the network in near real time. You can create a customized experience for your customers and bill them for it accordingly and with unprecedented accuracy-and customer satisfaction.

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