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Delivering Managed Services to Enterprise Customers

Juniper’s Cloud CPE solution automates service delivery at scale.

Many providers that offer enterprise services today deploy dedicated physical customer premises equipment (CPE) to meet subscriber needs. With Juniper’s solution for virtual CPE (vCPE), service providers can host these functions in the distributed Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) cloud to deliver a highly customized user experience at a lower cost. Our Cloud CPE solution lays a foundation for upselling new revenue-generating applications.

In today’s Web-centric world, end users demand-and expect-personalization and more hands-on control over their service environments. They want the ability to access their network services-from application-specific routing to advanced security functions-through a portal that lets them add, drop, or change these services on demand and with rapid delivery. In short, end-users want simplicity, reliability, and complete control over their network services.

Cloud CPE Solution

Juniper’s unique Cloud CPE solution simplifies service creation, automates service delivery to improve the efficiency of your operations, and increases your network’s revenue-generating capabilities, all at scale. Cloud CPE incorporates the modular Contrail product suite, giving you the ability to:

  • Scale, using Juniper’s industry-leading, modular management and orchestration software stack for NFV telco cloud.
  • Simplify service creation, shortening the process to a few seconds.
  • Automate service delivery, reducing time from months to minutes.
  • Flexibility-Our Cloud CPE solution gives you the freedom to create services as quickly as new business requirements emerge. It also allows you the flexibility to deploy in three different ways: distributed out on-premises; centralized in the cloud; or as an overlay with local management. The operational experience remains consistent and robust across all three. You can easily merge virtual and physical networking worlds, with service delivery provided through VPN services in the MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers.
  • Rich Security Services-The vSRX virtual firewall adds to the Cloud CPE solution by providing a range of firewall, intrusion detection and protection, and other advanced security capabilities, each of which can be packaged or sold individually to your enterprise customers as needed. With its customizable and programmable features, the vSRX is the industry’s most efficient virtual security product.
  • Open Framework-You can avoid expensive vendor lock-in with an open framework that’s built on standards-based protocols and open data models, with third-party integration through APIs. This modular, extensible framework integrates easily with OSS and BSS systems for full business logic orchestration. You can easily grow your service catalog with a rich array of offerings, scaling over time and using the open ecosystem to introduce new third-party virtualized network functions (VNFs).

With our Cloud CPE solution, the net result for service providers is higher customer satisfaction and retention. You can deploy the production-ready solution today with a carrier-grade telco cloud and virtualization capabilities that lead the way in NFV technology.

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