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Boost Productivity and Operational Efficiency While Reducing Risk Factors

Automation and orchestration deliver a solid business advantage.

Working together, automation and orchestration simplify network operations that involve complex configurations. They also lower configuration and provisioning errors, improving network availability. Because this combined solution helps IT teams improve both efficiency and effectiveness, it can save time and money in operational tasks.

Orchestration makes it possible to combine sequences of repeatable tasks and complex processes with decision trees and analytics. It accelerates troubleshooting and increases network availability by alerting you to potential problems and automatically responding to adverse system events.

Juniper solutions for automation and orchestration comprise a suite of tools and products for simplifying operational and configuration tasks on network devices. The suite includes the Juniper Extension Toolkit (JET) for the Junos OS, NorthStar Controller, Contrail Networking, Contrail Service Orchestration, and the Junos Space management platform. You can combine these tools with third-party automation frameworks such as Chef, Puppet, and Ansible.

Juniper’s automation and orchestration tools bring together the knowledge and expertise of experienced IT solutions developers, operators, and administrators across an organization. Serving as a fundamental building block in the DevOps model, the Juniper automation suite addresses the most common applications of automation and orchestration in the management and provisioning of IT resources.

Network engineers, developers, and operators of large-scale network infrastructures can benefit from the ease of use, flexibility, and operational efficiency with which we designed the Juniper suite of automation and orchestration products.

Network Automation & Orchestration

Building an Agile Data Center Infrastructure with Juniper Networks

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