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A comprehensive, scalable, and secure portfolio of routers for enterprise and service provider networks.

Featured Routers

ACX Series Universal Access Routers

Temperature-hardened, compact access routers that deliver industry-leading performance and simplified provisioning.

ACX Series Universal Access Routers Datasheet ›
Mobile Backhaul White Paper ›
DQE Communications Case Study ›

CSE2000 Carrier Services Engine

A hardened, high-performance appliance that delivers a wide range of controller, scaling, and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) applications for service provider networks.

CSE2000 Carrier Services Engine Datasheet ›

CTP Series Circuit to Packet Platforms

A scalable product family that provides the advanced circuit emulation technology and features required to reliably transport time-division multiplexing (TDM) and serial circuit-based applications across next-generation IP/MPLS networks.

CTP Series Circuit to Packet Platforms Datasheet ›

E Series Broadband Services Routers

Services routers that are critical to networking control, delivery, and accounting of broadband services at the network edge.

E Series Broadband Services Datasheet ›

LN Series Rugged Secure Routers

Rugged high-performance edge and access security routers with firewall, intrusion detection, and unified threat management (UTM) capabilities that are hardened for extremely harsh environments.

LN2600 Datasheet ›
LN1000 Datasheet ›

M Series Multiservice Edge Network Routers

Multiservice edge routers that combine IP/MPLS capabilities with reliability, stability, security, and service richness to help service providers consolidate and transition multiple networks.

Meijer Case Study ›
NFV Cloud Infrastructure White Paper ›
M Series Multiservice Edge Routers Datasheet ›

MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers

Flagship edge routing platform for enterprise and service provider applications with unparalleled bandwidth, subscriber, and service scale.

MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers Datasheet ›
Western Massachusetts Case Study ›
Juniper SDN Solution Brief ›

PTX Series Packet Transport Routers

Supercore routers that optimize MPLS and Ethernet, providing critical core capabilities to make them the ideal choice for operators to meet rapidly changing traffic patterns.

PTX5000 and PTX3000 Datasheet ›
PTX1000 Datasheet ›
CyrusOne Case Study ›

T Series Core Routers

IP/MPLS core network routing platforms that scale from 320 Gbps up to 1.6 Tbps in a single chassis, and up to 25 Tbps in a T Series multichassis system.

T Series Core Network Routers Datasheet ›

TCA Series

TCA Series time synchronization devices deliver the high precision, high-bandwidth, carrier-class synchronization required for applications in legacy and next-generation IP networks.

TCA6000 and TCA6500 Datasheet ›
TCA8000 and TCA8500 Datasheet ›

NFX250 Network Services Platform

High-performance, secure, automated, software-driven CPE device provides on-demand custom service delivery on-premises and can run multiple virtualized network functions simultaneously.

NX250 Datasheet ›
Cloud CPE Solution Brief ›


MX Series routers unlock the doors to revenue growth



Deliver managed services at lighting speed to enterprise customers.


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