Emerson UPS for Computers and Peripherals


Economical, full featured UPS that delivers cost-effective power protection in a compact package. The UPS provides battery-backed outlets and a surge protection-only outlet. The UPS battery offers four minutes of backup power at full load — ample time to shut down protected equipment if an outage occurs.

  • ups_17Liebert PSA Line-Interactive UPS, 500-1500VA

Economical line-interactive UPS that offers full-featured power protection for small office computers and electronic equipment. Liebert PSA offers unique features and extraordinary performance not normally found in similar products in this price range.

  • Liebert PSS Surge Protection Strip

Surge protection strips that provide computer grade power, protecting connected equipment from the damaging effects of lightning, spikes, surges, and other power quality problems.

Additional UPS solutions from Emerson Network Power (Liebert):

PTS Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Services

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